Sunday, 24 February 2013

Let it rain over me

It is finally here! And I can honestly say 'thank the lord!!'
This raincoat is the most difficult thing I have ever made by a country mile. Sewing plastic is not easy people. This is the result of blood, sweat and the odd tear due to the immense frustration it caused. The plastic stuck to the wooden table, the sewing machine itself, other pieces of plastic and even to me when it got a bit full of static due to the heat and friction etc. On top of that pins are obviously a no go so I had to paper clip the set in sleeves before sewing them. These took me a good hour each to get right due to the fact that puncturing holes in plastic is not particularly forgiving so it had to be right the first time.
Enough wining though, I am so happy with it!

I originally intended on raglan sleeves but I left my pattern drafting book at the flat when I was t home doing this and through a few attempts, it became apparent that is wasn't something I could just 'whip up.' So I persevered with a set sleeve and just fiddled around with the collar instead. The pattern had a mandarin collar so I just lengthened it lots so lets just say its a hybrid. Cross between a mandarin and a shirt collar, just without the stand and such?
Whats your opinion? Yay or nay?


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    1. Gabrielle,
      Thank you for your support :)not sure what my email did, it had emails from other addresses in there just not yours, I will try and fix whatever is wrong with it :)
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