Monday, 29 April 2013

Waiting All Night

Traveling back down to Dunedin again today. I've been home since Wednesday and its been pretty great eating substantial food and knocking back a few beers with my lovely Dad
This was basically my uniform the whole time and a pair of black pants instead of the dress. Decided no to  pack fun stuff as I had intended on only writing essays but sometimes life gets in the way luckily!

I have been on the hunt for riding boots for a little while and was not at all keen on breaking over $100 since I have to live as well. So I found these babies on Asos. I had them sent home so the whole bus ride all I was thinking about was wearing them. Though I do admittedly spend a substantial part of my life thinking about shoes. Who doesn't?!

Back to the essay. Wish me luck!

Friday, 19 April 2013


I bought this army coat in a vintage type shop in Omarama of all places. Its amazing, has those cool inside pockets, belts up at the waist and even has the button holes in the back of the waist to hang on to your pants like they used to. Today was pretty cold so I was stoked to be able to wear it again. Its only downfall is that to has to be worn with a scarf because the canvas is so insane it rubs the skin off the back of my neck!

It feels like it has been a hell of a long time since I have worn a dress for an average day, I am so uncomfortable in them when I have to walk a fair distance. Today I had to though as I destroyed my calf last night out running, as I said to a friend, I smell like a sexy rugby player lathered up in deep heat now. She appreciated it.
Hopefully it heals up soon! 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Shakedown On 9th Street

Was back home again over the weekend as it was my old mans 50th. We had a big party in our garage, it was such a great night, full of laughs and old memories. I put the photo board together on Friday night when I got home, Mum and I had so much fun going through all the photos.

Yeah so this was what I wore on the night, apparently it had to be warm and comfortable, this was the closest I got! I bought this top on Friday and took it in about 4 inches on Saturday as I bought it on sale and it was pretty clear why it wasn't selling. I looked like a tent originally. Oh well.

Friday, 12 April 2013


Came home again today. Another long bus ride full of study this time as I have a test on Monday and then and assignment due on Tuesday. Life is hectic. Oh well, its going to be an insanely good weekend, my Dad turns 50 tomorrow so it is sure to be one hell of a party! Cant wait!

I bought this top last year at a shop called Nooz in Dunedin. Its one of my favourite places, so cheap and yet actually has decent pieces. Had lots of people comment on it today about the colour

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Pretty chilly this morning and thankfully that meant layers! I have been looking forward to this all summer while winging about it being so hot that I could only wear a dress. Its taken forever.
While I was home over the break too I remembered about this cardi my Aunty knitted for me last year. I put it away with all my winter clothes and managed to find it again, its so cosy!

It isn't quite so lily white as appears in the photo but speaking of lillies, lonelily by Damien Rice is making my life right now. Hes one of those crazy artists that makes you want to die if your already in a bad mood but insanely happy if your in a good space? Listen to it, you will know what I mean

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hear Me Out

Last weekend was still mid semester break so I was home and had such a sick Saturday! Went for a run in my new nikes which was quite exciting, hit the books at 9am to start an Art History essay that was due on Monday and had it finished by twenty to three, bought some wine and then we all went round to a friends house and had an amazing night with everyone. It was such fun, cant wait to do it all again

I bought this cropped long sleeve top on asos a couple of weeks back. Such a good investment to take the chill off while in town, without looking frumpy in a coat. I am actually wearing it right now over another dress but it doesn't seem to be made for the Dunedin climate.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Back To Basics

I was home alone over Easter as my parents headed away and I stayed at home to catch up with school friends while we are all back from uni. However, by Easter Sunday i'd eaten every bit of chocolate in the house and then I remembered the supermarkets were closed so I couldn't restock. It was very distressing so I replaced chocolate with a drop of wine or two.

However, there is always a reason to whip a few dead animals out and carry them around!