Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Plastic Fantastic

Bro, look what I made.

Yes that's right, I finally made a transparent clutch. The hardest part about it was simply finding the materials. Be prepared to be looked at as if you are high and riding a unicorn by people at hardware stores if you ever have a go. PVC is not as easy to find as I imagined, I spent weeks looking for plastic to use from anywhere I could think of online, farm stores, mitre 10 etc etc and finally found some at the sewing center, lucky for me the ladies in there also thought it was magical idea!

I made my net using all the instructions from a pair and a spare because lets face it, Geneva is ridiculously amazing at all things DIY. I only modified my length as it seemed to long, used eyelets instead of top studs and used a magnet to close rather than a larger hole pressed over the stud. It seemed to work well and was super easy

A good friend from Germany sent these bottle tops over last year which I recently made into earrings. 'Liese' means quietly, which I probably need to be sometimes while the other pair say 'laut' - loud in vice versa colours

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