Wednesday, 16 January 2013


As mentioned in my previous post, my birthday was way back in October but due to backdating my blog I will have to catch up now. This kookai skirt was given to me by a lovely friend of mine who lives in Germany and by the time she reads this it will already be her birthday! Well, New Zealand time it will be, sooo happy birthday Nora :) :)

It has admittedly taken me a wee while to wear this as I had to find a shirt to go with it, everything I own seems to be black. It felt quite refreshing to buy to buy a plain white tee, in the end I cut it up of course, in my opinion i like the silhouette a hell of a lot more. I stretched it on purpose while hemming purely because I hate clingy tees that actually touch me, I prefer them to just chill out and do as they please. Win win situation

...just in case I need a quick get away.

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