Friday, 11 January 2013

Hot Chili

Admittedly, it is terribly late to talk about New Years so I will swim against the current for this post.
It was pretty quiet for me, I was sober because of work (oh the joys of retail) and went home to bed at 11:30 just to be woken up by fireworks in 2013. Third world problems, tell me about it! 

Golly, must have missed a freckle while editing. These hipster cut outs are more trouble than they're worth I tell you!

Due to my sober state my ankles felt like they were going to snap throughout the entire evening. By far the highest pair of shoes I own, this was their debut after a year in my wardrobe. My calves hurt just standing still in them, its ridiculous. I blame having a size 5 foot. It leaves minimal space for a high gradient


  1. Gorgeous :)
    Love the commentary as well!

  2. Thanks Mrs Ellena, the BA must be teaching me something then, phew! :)