Friday, 22 March 2013

Rusty halo

Can you believe I caught such beautiful morning light? I am usually up before sunrise but I have never taken blog photos this early! Remind me next Thursday to not wear heels though, its my insanely busy day at uni and sore feet and pretty much falling asleep in lectures don't seem to make for a lovely day 

 When I was home the other weekend I went through the stuff I left at home while I was packing and found this cardigan thing in my wardrobe. Its probably not even meant for me but it was in there so I claim it! It takes the chill off, thanks Mum!

I made this particular button necklace a while back. I am building up quite a collection now but this is definitely the biggest and brightest. I bought a bag of these buttons years ago and I think the only time I used them was when a few of us threaded them through my friends dreadlocks last year after a few beverages. So this is the result of the many unused buttons


  1. love you look ;) would you like to follow each ohter? ;)

    1. Thank you! :)
      Yeah, sure that would be great! Just followed you then :)