Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Oh My God, Whatever, Etc

Snapped a few photos before I came back down to Dunedin for about four days before I head back home again for Easter. The title of this post is possibly my favourite Ryan Adams song, I listened to it so much on the bus! One thing I hate about travel though is clothing. I usually resort to wearing whatever is left or more importantly whatever is clean! While I was home though Mum gave me a few new skirts she bought for me while on a wee road trip of the South Island. Surprisingly this leather look skirt is actually denim with a crackled coating so it is super easy to wear because it moves with you, unlike some other leather which has a mind of its own and makes you stick to everything on hot day.
Got a little bit delayed on posting this though so i'm back home again tomorrow! Just to confuse you all with the sequence of photo locations


  1. Great outfit, I like the skirt and surprised it is denim! looks great, and must be far more comfortable to wear than leather

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  2. thank you for your super nice comment on my blog dear! i appreciate it a lot :) glad you liked it!

    x Vik