Thursday, 31 January 2013

Safety pinned

Today was finally my last day of work, cannot wait to move  and start studying again., believe it or not

I wore this out to a friends place for a few drinks a couple of Fridays ago. I made this top years ago but it never goes by unnoticed. Its only downfall is that its terrible on a hot day because the safety pins heat up and burn when they touch your skin. Tough life, I know. Too bad, it looks cool

Also tampered with these shoes by adding the bow, they were dirt cheap and I kept walking out of them. Had to do something to make them stay attached!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Plastic Fantastic

Bro, look what I made.

Yes that's right, I finally made a transparent clutch. The hardest part about it was simply finding the materials. Be prepared to be looked at as if you are high and riding a unicorn by people at hardware stores if you ever have a go. PVC is not as easy to find as I imagined, I spent weeks looking for plastic to use from anywhere I could think of online, farm stores, mitre 10 etc etc and finally found some at the sewing center, lucky for me the ladies in there also thought it was magical idea!

I made my net using all the instructions from a pair and a spare because lets face it, Geneva is ridiculously amazing at all things DIY. I only modified my length as it seemed to long, used eyelets instead of top studs and used a magnet to close rather than a larger hole pressed over the stud. It seemed to work well and was super easy

A good friend from Germany sent these bottle tops over last year which I recently made into earrings. 'Liese' means quietly, which I probably need to be sometimes while the other pair say 'laut' - loud in vice versa colours

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Pumped up kicks

Its unbelievable that its taken me up to now to invest in black pumps. They seemed like such a necessity and now that I finally own a pair its true, they really are. I wonder how I got by without them previously?
For a girl who owns a 'couple' of shoes yet no 'stilettos' as such, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of comfort. Admittedly like any other other pointed heels however, my small toes feel as though they have been dislocated after a few hours but hey, shit happens, pride feels NO pain people!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

So long sweet misery

It was so lovely to have a cooler day last week. I'm not the biggest fan of summer sadly and this summer has been disgustingly warm, it was so easy to chuck on some pants and wander round in wedge boots again, felt very 'homely' 

Forever New was a twenty twelve discovery for me and i'm not going to lie, I did fall in love. These pants were my first purchase there, every girl needs some tuxedo pants at some point, they appear to whip off a few centimeters around the hips after too much chocolate quite nicely. Who wouldn't want that?!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Cut the mustard

Because yes, someday's it is necessary to be carrying a couple of dead animals on your arm

My amazing bag is by Kiwi designer Kate Zeus. When i bought it home it caused some very heated debate, my family either loved it or hated it, the only unanimous opinion was 'its definitely very you Jenna' which I personally take as a compliment. One day when I was sitting waiting for the bus a lady walked past and just looked at my bag smiling, didn't even say a word. Made me very happy

Cannot beat a staple summer midi skirt. This one was second hand and came as a set, lets just say I never tire of its versatility.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


As mentioned in my previous post, my birthday was way back in October but due to backdating my blog I will have to catch up now. This kookai skirt was given to me by a lovely friend of mine who lives in Germany and by the time she reads this it will already be her birthday! Well, New Zealand time it will be, sooo happy birthday Nora :) :)

It has admittedly taken me a wee while to wear this as I had to find a shirt to go with it, everything I own seems to be black. It felt quite refreshing to buy to buy a plain white tee, in the end I cut it up of course, in my opinion i like the silhouette a hell of a lot more. I stretched it on purpose while hemming purely because I hate clingy tees that actually touch me, I prefer them to just chill out and do as they please. Win win situation

...just in case I need a quick get away.

Monday, 14 January 2013


Not long after New Years we had a wee party for one of my brothers birthday. It was a great night but our entire living area was soaked in sun all day and seemed to absorb all the heat and save it up for the evening to cook us all alive. It felt like it was 50 degrees, i'm sure it was only around the early 30's but you catch my drift. Its crazy. Far too hot to have any fun layering so a simple t-shirt dress was the only option. Thankgod I love it anyway. A good injection of colour never hurt anyone

One of my lovely friends gave me a voucher for my birthday back in October so I used it for this amazing chain mail collar necklace from groundFloor. I had had my eye on it for a while and it is now arguably the best thing I own in my humble opinion

Friday, 11 January 2013

Hot Chili

Admittedly, it is terribly late to talk about New Years so I will swim against the current for this post.
It was pretty quiet for me, I was sober because of work (oh the joys of retail) and went home to bed at 11:30 just to be woken up by fireworks in 2013. Third world problems, tell me about it! 

Golly, must have missed a freckle while editing. These hipster cut outs are more trouble than they're worth I tell you!

Due to my sober state my ankles felt like they were going to snap throughout the entire evening. By far the highest pair of shoes I own, this was their debut after a year in my wardrobe. My calves hurt just standing still in them, its ridiculous. I blame having a size 5 foot. It leaves minimal space for a high gradient

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Floral burst

Its officially time to start backdating.
One of my (many) New Years resolutions is to really go for it and start blogging again. I feel like I have missed it a lot in 2012 but i've had so much fun taking photos of outfits from the last month or so

I wore this outfit out for lunch at a Thai restaurant with a few of the kids a wee while before Christmas. The shorts are actually a romper I picked up a few years ago but I burn so quickly its very rarely worn without anything over the top!

And yes. The mullet is back until it grows out this time and will not be cut off. Hold me to it!